The Cut After The First by Kaiwyn


This latest cut from Kaiwyn brings all of his usual pop richness back for one more round in his warm songwriting and eloquent lyricisms.

Hailing from the town of Gosford, Australia, Kaiwyn is a singer and songwriter whose immediate pop sound has helped him reach a sizable audience of loyal fans, and his latest cut ‘The Cut After The First’, will make it very clear why that is the case with Kaiwyn.

A songwriter with warm sensibilities, Kaiwyn’s latest release is a meticulously crafted piece of immersive pop. With its percussive acoustic riffs in the beginning, to its soaring and lush chorus, the song is orchestrated and its arrangement is dynamic. Kaiwyn’s vocals are restrained, laidback, and soulful. The string arrangement is terrific and is a perfect accompaniment for Kaiwyn’s mature lyrics and songwriting. 

Kaiwyn is preparing to reach an international audience with ‘The Cut After The First’, and while the production of the song could use a tiny bit of polish to make the drums and strings pop out a bit more, there can be no denying that the song’s intimate air and warm, embracing sound is more than enough to achieve just that. We’re only out here hoping Kaiwyn achieves all of that and more. He is a more than capable songsmith.


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