The Way You Move by Kris James


Without an introduction that takes you straight to the real fun, this is the latest hit song “The Way You Move” that brought down talented British singer Kris James, which forces your body to move relentlessly.

Kris James has always been amazing and is rapidly growing his following. This was confirmed when he released this song from his upcoming second album. After last year witnessed the release of the first album, which made quite a buzz.

When you hear “The Way You Move” you will feel like it’s endlessly sequential, carrying a refreshing atmosphere and imbued with the finest sense of disco funk, starting with a smooth bass arrangement and synth-pop. Emphasizes Kris’ ability to make every song come alive with uplifting dance and energy that makes you feel happy.

“The Way You Move” is an infectious, electric hit from the ’80s, easy to sing with seductive blends and lyrics detailing lust on the dance floor, this song reveals that Kris’ amazing voice knows no bounds.

This summer song tells a story about going out with your friends, while you are having a great night seeing the sexy girl you fancy and the way you dance makes you crazy you can’t resist.

Kris James has energy in his singing and music, making “The Way You Move” a special place on your summer playlist.