Those Kinda Days by Kid Koi

Damien Cruz & Connor

Staying where you are and not trying to develop yourself and your potential is a big mistake. Try not to fall into it

Kid Koi did his best to develop himself, and instead of being a guitarist only, he became a guitarist and a great songwriter, in fact, he excelled in both.

kid koi studied music at the age of four and continued to develop in this field when he went to the university through his band, whch was very active and gained wide fame on social media.

Now his new song Those Kinda Days has been released Mixed with his great experience as a musician.

Those Kinda Days got Kid Koi’s experience in travel and knowledge of different cultures.

The song has a catchy melody and the accompanied rhythm guitar added with a beautiful harmony. Definitely, the lyrics were full of optimism and hope. 

In my opinion, kid’s songs and even his covers are full of love and this is an expressive message.

Kid is doing well because he took care of every opportunity that came to him, lent the attention to it, developed it and still.


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