Through It All by Ilan Bell

Ilan Bell

Ilan Bell’s many accomplishments tastefully obscure the man himself, and as far as I can tell, Ilan Bell is perfectly content staying just to the side of the limelight, reinvigorating local music scenes, and championing arts and artists, without making much of a fuss. He might have one of the most compelling resumes I have ever looked upon, and his music is drop-dead gorgeous, which always helps.

Ilan Bell is a New York-based musician and producer, but where his star shines the brightest might be his social skills. A social innovator, Ilan Bell recently helped oversee, along with the famous Danny Ross, a successful songwriting camp that happened to be the biggest in New York City history, yielding more than 150 songs, and featuring in Billboard magazine. His latest single, a stunning ballad, is Through It All, a piano-based song in support of his upcoming debut album. A collaboration with yet another superstar producer, Through It All features Paul Falcone (Beyonce, Tom Odell), and it is sublime. 

Through It All is simple and slow, a true ballad, with outstandingly clean and inviting soundscapes, with crisp drums, soaring, airy pads, Ilan’s warm and embracing grand piano, and his own warm and embracing voice. Ilan’s vocals are soothing and gentle, and his rhythm and delivery are simple enough to be approachable, yet they are dense and musically intricate, and perfectly arranged to the composition, making the sound wholly organic and free-flowing, and the sweet, mature lyrics are the crowning jewels.

Ilan Bell’s latest single made me positively impatient for his upcoming album. He is a mature and capable songwriter and singer, his musical choices are delicate and fitting, and his sound is wholesome and clean, “Through It All” is a gorgeous song.