Transhuman Dreams by XYLAROO


Xylaroo started in Maidstone, Kent in the mid-2000s with both band members and sisters, Coco and Holly. They are always on the move. However, they moved to different countries and cities. I bet that’s where their fun in doing music started with different ideas and cultures that they placed themselves in. They have recently released a new single on the 20th of May, 2022 with the philosophically interesting theme “Transhuman,” which was based on a podcast interview with “Podsongs,” which they got inspired from and called the track “Transhuman Dreams.”

I personally liked this track and how it dives deep into one’s soul with many questions that drove my mind to look into transhumanism, which is often represented in films as a negative aspect of humanity, where there is a negative plot twist causing damage.

Reading some articles about this topic is really interesting, and one of the articles I read once about professor Andy Miad of Salford University mentioned that ”this topic gets people to think differently about the range of things but it gets us to think critically about some of those limitations.” It got me to dig deep into these philosophical ideas, which made me more in love with the track.

The harmonic slow music and smooth clean voice are so resilient and work up your imagination in this track “Transhuman Dreams” and have a phenomenal vibe that can get you traveling through the depths of your imagination. Quoting from the track lyrics, “A natural death and a life well lived From baby steps, your spreading wings. Why do we fear the final destination? The journey, age, disease, my legacy.”

This band got my attention because of how amazingly they create their music that matches the mood of the track while listening to other tracks that are exquisite and unique. I am really excited about their upcoming releases because they got me hooked on their music.So far, I went to their most-listened track on Spotify, “I Bet You Looked Good on the Dance Floor” from the album “Sunshine” and the album “Sweetooth” and got my attention with many other songs.

You can leave their albums to play for you randomly, which will carry you into different dimensions and times to get you through the day.

Edited by: Viola Karmy


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