Twist in the Wind by Carpe Diem


The latest single from Carpe Diem is called “Twist In The Wind” and it is equal parts an emotional rollercoaster and a multi-phase musical journey. The track begins with a Metallica-esque clean guitar progression very akin to the good old days of the 80s. 

The moment the lead vocals enter, with the effects and processing on them, I begin to feel a huge gush of emotions with every word and every note that she sings. She has the breathy low notes of Stevie Nicks and a special melodic flavor on her own that comes from the dark color of her voice. 

Every time the lead vocalist weeps and wails the words “I know it’s getting out of control” and her voice cracks, my heart cracks a little with it. It’s great how they can connect the emotional delivery of these vocals, the subject matter of the lyrics, and the musical composition itself. 

They kept building up with a mini solo after the first verse and a violin solo in the middle. That violin wasn’t really expected, especially since the clean guitars were playing a very close melody behind it. The vocalist sings the recurring line “I know it’s getting out of control” one more time but in a more resonant chest register, and then we get to experience a full-throttle solo with the distorted guitar, and every inch of my body was shaken with goosebumps. It was a well-timed surprise worth the wait and the buildup.