Two Fish by Francis Eden


Australian singer/songwriter/producer Francis Eden recently released her latest single “Two Fish” on February 24th, marking it as her third single and the first of the year. After gaining experience as a musician by joining various local bands, Francis decided to go solo and share her beautifully crafted music with the world. She debuted with “Fool’s Gold” in 2022, which was selected as a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition 2022, followed by “Keeping Time” later in the same year.

The lyrics of “Two Fish” are filled with poetic analogies, such as “You’re like oxygen to me And I’m like hydrogen I’m attracted to you baby” and “When we connect It’s grander than a ballroom floor,” conveying the importance of connection and intimacy and the power of coming together to create something greater than oneself.

“Two Fish” is a self-produced and recorded track that Francis created at home. She presents a neatly produced soundscape featuring a slightly detuned piano and strings section backed by a laid-back drum line. What really stands out is Francis’ flawless, emotional, and warm voice, but what really caught my ear was her decision to leave it raw without effect. Combined with the detuned piano and strings, the song has an undeniably beautiful oldies 50’s or 60s pop sound embedded in it.

Overall it is a sweet and neatly produced addition to Francis Eden’s growing discography that showcases her musical talents and beautiful voice.


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