Uncommon Love by JW Soar


When a love story ends, people tend to overthink what their partner did wrong. But what if it’s not your partner if it’s you who hurt them the most? JW Soar’s single “Uncommon Love” tenderly and melancholy portrays such a scene with a soothing blend and soulful vocal delivery.

“Uncommon Love” is featured in JW Soar’s album “Twin Flame.” As the two titles suggest, the impassioned artist cares about depicting love, hurt, and healing through his touching pieces. So get ready for a deep wave of sentiment.

With a smooth intro, your mood will be set to stay calm for a while and take in all the aesthetics of the output that’s coming from the artist’s heart and going directly to yours. JW Soar has soaring vocals that are hard to resist! He offers a sentimental performance with his dulcet, melodic tone, and gloomy timbre that conveys the theme. As well as a spoken word part to raise the heat. The musicality is outstanding, and the lyricism is sincere and relatable, but without a doubt, the vocals take centre stage.

The song illustrates the agony of causing pain to someone you love when you take them for granted and treat them badly. The blend of dream pop, R&B, and soul creates the ideal atmosphere and allows one to experience the conflict while being soothed by the heartfelt melody. The track features Marc Solomon, who produced it and gave us such exquisite execution and flawless music. The guitar work is superb and softly builds an ethereal soundscape.

Enjoy the tranquil listening experience! And pay a visit to the rest of the album.