Up At Dawn By Fat Cat Affair


For all cat lovers around the world I introduce to you from London, United Kingdom Fat Cat Affair, a talented multi-instrumentalist cat with a “fat love affair with music” said Fat Cat. He released his third single “Up At Dawn” on the 18th of November 2022 featuring vocalist and producer Clay Agnew on vocals

Fat Cat’s influence derives from his mom as she used to sing “Sweet songs” to him when he was just a young kitten which built a deep love for music in him. Since his early years Fat Cat has been traveling across Europe experiencing different music scenes and genres. He has developed a taste for blending pop with R&B and funk

“Up At Dawn” is a romantic acoustic pop song. It starts off with a beautiful plucked acoustic guitar accompanied by Agnew’s sweet vocals giving the love-in-the-air vibe, sprinkled with a jazzy piano counter-melody. As Agnew sings the line “its dawn, but an angel” an angelic choir rises in the background giving the words an impact on the music. As the song dives into the chorus, it takes on an ambient atmosphere with the strings section topped by a picked guitar melody countered by plucked strings.

The chorus ends with a descending piano line resolving into an arpeggio chord transitioning into the second verse. Right after the second chorus and before the guitar solo a bridge is introduced with a smooth key change from major to minor giving the song a warmer tone. The bridge is fueled by a tom groove and an overdrive guitar riff that concludes with a change back to the original. As the song reaches its end Fat Cat takes his last bow by playing an emotional guitar solo.