Utopia by TARA HACK


Taking us back to the 60s protest songs era, Tara Hack, the New York-based singer/songwriter graces the world, our hearts and soul with her latest song “Utopia”…

Tara’s message to the world is to stand up for your right and imagine a future filled with justice and equality…

The itch to create “Utopia” and its message actually came to Tara when she was seeing the riots in Portland and the attack on the Capita… That inspired her to pick up her guitar…and she found herself playing the music of “Utopia”…

Tara’s message needs to get out and reach everyone in the world, literally and nothing less…

“Utopia” starts with a victorious attitude and manages to keep it up throughout the whole song experience…

…it starts with the staccato strings and marching drums crescendo…then into Tara’s angelic and emotional vocal melodies and rich lyrical prowess…

The song keeps building up from there till it reaches the point of victorious fireworks…the beat kicks in and maintains the groove of the song.

“Utopia” has many iconic vocal lines and melodies…and you will find yourself easily singing these lines and melodies in no time. It has this kind of power…and it unleashes some kind of underlying emotions of pride that other songs rarely trigger.

…something else has to be said too…the storytelling elements of “Utopia” are masterfully crafted to perfection…the marching bands style snares, the very proud harmonica, and the huge patriotic choir filling the air…and this is not just for Americans…Tara’s message can be applied to everyone in the world…it’s a message of hope in a very dark time in world history.

A much-needed beacon of hope in these turbulent waves.

Tara, we wish you all the best in both your personal and professional careers…we can not wait to experience your upcoming releases…we can’t wait to hear more and more of them.




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