Vanessa Mood Released Work Out Things!

Photo by Karolina Turek Make-up by Swank Makeup Artistry Artwork by Moodlab Music

The indie pop artist Vanessa Mood shared her latest single ‘Work Out Things’ on all streaming platforms.

“This song was inspired by a challenging situation in a valuable relationship. It felt like there was no solution to the problem and so I wrote this song out of that frustration.
It felt unique because with other relationships in the past that had reached this point, I was willing to walk away. But with this one, that was not an option. Even though it was uncomfortable and there was a deep disagreement, the fact in my heart was that I wasn’t willing to let go. I was determined to “Work Things Out. Here is my sincere wish – “Work Things Out” is out on streaming platforms everywhere now.” – Vanessa.

“It’s never too late to try, I said I’d be by your side for life
Relationships are for a lifetime and they all go through ups and downs. People see us through it all, and when you find the right community, that’s when you realize how much you’re willing to fight for them. It is possible to try no matter how much time has passed.” – Vanessa Mood