15 (When I Leave) by Edie Yvonne


Just in time for summer and in anticipation of the new school year, Edie Yvonne presents a brand-new song.

15-year-old Los Angeles singer-songwriter Edie Yvonne weaves a relatable narrative through engaging storytelling. The song follows a character who finds solace in leaving a difficult school experience behind. The lyrics capture the protagonist’s past hurt and the glimmer of hope for a fresh start with the line, “It hurts less when I leave.”

The strength of “15 (When I Leave)” lies not just in its lyrics, but in its cohesive presentation.  Yvonne’s powerful and energetic vocals convey a sense of defiance and rebellion. This sentiment is echoed by the edgy guitar riffs, dynamic drumming, and the driving tempo that builds towards a powerful conclusion.

Every element of the song reflects the complexities of teenage life, particularly the pressure to fit in. Yvonne’s passionate performance draws the listener into the story, potentially triggering memories of their own teenage years. 

Ready to relive the emotional rollercoaster of being 15 with some rocking melodies and a truly talented artist? Hit play!