Take Me Home Part I by Cailo


Cailo ushers in a wave of affection with her latest single, “Take Me Home Part I.”  

Hailing from Vallejo and now captivating the San Francisco Bay Area, Cailo isn’t your average House producer. Since 2015, Caitlin “Cailo” Lowe has carved her own path in the EDM scene, fusing infectious dance beats with soulful lyrics that tell personal stories.

“Take Me Home Part I” is a smooth House track that isn’t just about hitting the dance floor; it’s a sonic search for love and connection. It’s the tune you hear when you’re craving a good summery song.

The infectious energy of “Take Me Home Part I” is undeniable. The classic House beats throb throughout the song, an irresistible force that compels your body to move. It’s the kind of track that can turn any gathering into a dance floor. But beneath this party-ready exterior lies a deeper message, a yearning that resonates far beyond the club. Cailo sings of a desire “to love and be loved again,” a sentiment delivered with a powerful blend of sensuality and emotion in her vocals. They’re like a warm hand reaching out, inviting the listener to join her on a journey of finding genuine connection. This vulnerability adds a whole new layer to the song, transforming it from a dance floor anthem into a shared experience of seeking love and intimacy.

Whether you’re searching for love yourself or simply appreciate a well-crafted House track with a soulful message, you’ll enjoy “Take Me Home Part I” below.