8-bit by Morning Trips


All the way from Northwest Florida, Morning Trips graces the world with their unique genre-bending songs, delving into real world challenges through their unique witty writing with their latest single “8-bit”.

First things first…let’s get to meet the awesome people behind Morning Trips…

Brady Lynch

Logan Clinkingbeard

James Amos

Noah Townsend

…together, they challenge social norms with their thought provoking lyrics and very unique musical approach…

The music that Morning Trips crafted for “8-bit”is a very avant-garde punk/rock/pop…with of course 8-bit elements in the mix, they don’t shy away from trying stuff from the uncharted musical territories…and they make it work…actually rather nicely.

“8-bit” talks about modern day challenges, specifically with the digital age that we’ve come to live in and how it is affecting us and how social media makes us think we need to be perfect…these challenges were never to be found before this age we live in…and with their witty lyrical approach, they send their message loud and clear.


Morning Trips is a band that is coming strongly and with a lot of charisma and unique character, they could easily navigate their way to stardom.

Wishing the awesome guys at Morning Trips all the best…and hey, for all the people out there, make sure to check their latest song “8-bit” and see how many modern day references you could find in there.