Sugar Pie by T-FINNY


T-FINNY’s music elegantly bridges the gap between the street-conscious sensibilities of Arctic Monkeys and the pristine, modern pop of The 1975, and his latest single ‘Sugar Pie’ is sufficient representation of this sound he’s been honing now for years.

Based in Livingston, Montana, T-FINNY is the stage name for writer, artist, and producer Tal Finny who has something to say with his latest single ‘Sugar Pie’. Borrowing a page from Harry Styles’s ‘Watermelon Sugar’, T-FINNY’s latest is a warm and peppy summertime banger. With its steady beat, confident singing, crisp production, and essential modern pop sound, it is a song that is extremely easy to fall for. 


T-FINNY’s ‘Sugar Pie’ is rhythmic, a pleasure to dance to, with a chic sound to its instrumentation and arrangement. The chords are delivered via stabby synths and shimmering keyboards, the driving beats are simplistic and groovy, the sweet-slash-sleazy words are sure to find a sizable audience among both mature club goers and innocent teens looking for a summertime hit to blast on roadtrips.

A song with all the essential components of a pop stunner. T-FINNY’s voice truly stands out among his peers, and on ‘Sugar Pie’, his impressionistic songwriter does the same. ‘Sugar Pie’ is a trap that will keep you in a loop replaying it for quite some time. It is catchy like that.



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