After by Anaté


A fresh sound, from a fresh EP. Anaté’s latest single promises and puts a lot of weight on the release of their upcoming album.

A pop duo from Berlin, Germany, Anaté is a singer, Ana, and Andrea on production duty. Relatively new, the duo has been joining forces since 2019, when Andrea was looking for a singer to collaborate with and had Ana recommended by a friend. Together, the duo has made more than 20 songs in the 3 odd years they have been a thing. So, work ethic is a thing they are clearly versed in.

They are also versed in making compelling songs. After is ultimate, minimal. Full of catchy pop sensibilities that grab the attention, the sound is very fluid and smooth, with a certain darkness that perks up an edgy character. The duo has drifted towards a more mainstream approach with their sound design on this song, and on the EP, titled Fume, as a whole. The resulting sound is compelling and enjoyable. Tight drums and sensible, moderately airy synth, along with Ana’s charismatic vocal delivery. The composition is simple and approachable, but the bass is lacking, making the song sound a little thin. The vocal processing is masterful and Ana’s whole part is a colorful highlight.

After points toward a promising EP that I’ll be on the lookout for, hoping for a fuller-sounding arrangement, and songwriting that’s just as snazzy and direct as found here.


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