How Much Sadness Can You Swallow? (Jasno Remix) by Maya Yenn


Alt-pop artist Maya Yenn based in London, UK, had her song ‘How much sadness can you swallow’’ inventively remixed into a vast, trance wonderland of sound by producer and electronic artist Jasno, on the 4th of November. Jasno was inspired by a ’90s techno vibe at the time and used this energy to create the remix.

Crawling under your skin this song is creepy and mystical in a profound way that lays the table for the song’s idea. The song is about an intense nightmare Yenn had that she described as a ‘vision of hell’. The remix is brilliant because it really makes you feel like you’re witnessing something strange and screaming with terror. The overall sound of the song is like being in the dark with never-ending scary sounds and voices closing in on you. It’s exciting and daunting. The musical arrangement is a cocktail of sonic sounds mixed with exotic drums and a notable ear to the usage of the middle eastern Daf instrument that gives the song an extra edge. The song is based on a trance soundscape with an almost minimal techno vibe with soft whimsical sounds playing around. The middle of the song suddenly transitions into an extremely intense soundscape with a sound effect of a wind instrument that mimics a siren, and thrashy industrial sounds that emit a darker vibe, as if the nightmare is escalating to its terrorizing revelation. This remix is an example of how a talented producer can spice up a really good song without changing it so much but just enough to make a huge impact!