Ageless Ancient & True by Kwun


Whether you’re inclined to believe that music recorded in the controversial 432hz tune unlocks a particular mind-body connection that the mainstream 440hz tuning fails to do doesn’t matter when you pit it against the stark beauty of Kwun’s latest single, a universal love song, born of a spiritual engagement. And if you don’t understand what I’m going on about with all the frequencies, then it would suffice to focus on the aforementioned stark beauty. 

Kwun is a London-based singer/songwriter/producer whose sophomore single release ‘Ageless, Ancient & True’ is a gem of forward-thinking Americana with loving, striking simplicity to all its elements. From the warmth of the strummed acoustic guitar to the gentleness of the beats, and to the wailing slide guitar, the song’s instrumental is an affair of the heart, sounding serene and reaffirming. Kwun’s vocals are approachable and his delivery is understated, yet the inflictions of his voice and heartfelt vibrato say that he is singing from a deep down place, and that intimacy is reflected in the romantic lyrics. Born out of a session with a Peruvian shaman in the Andes, this song’s words flowed out of Kwun’s heart onto paper and were then followed by the music. 

Kwun’s latest single is recorded in a controversial tuning that divides the musical community into two segments, forever at a hearty, humorous battle about whether 432hz has any spiritual effects or not, and this battle is not going to progress any further because of ‘Ageless, Ancient & True’. Instead, we should celebrate this song for its beautiful sentiment, heartfelt deliveries, and for its genuine musical and lyrical warmth. 



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