Elevate Me by Agon Branza


Agon Branza returns with a brand new, stirring, and unforgettable single that’s full to the brim of pure soul, intelligence, presence, and sensual pleas for love.

London’s own Agon Branza is no stranger to thoughtful, touching music. I thoroughly enjoy his stylings and his alluring mystique. After falling head over heels for his last single ‘Some People’, he returns with ‘Elevate Me’, which is beautiful, and with a delightful, masterful twist to it.

‘Elevate Me’ is a synth and vocoder-driven piece of soul that’s composed entirely of vocals, processed, yet touching, with a synth bass added in production, and that’s all. ‘Elevate Me’ intuitive and heartfelt singing was largely improvised in a single take, and the results are out of this world. Making his voice intentionally robotic, then injecting this robotic sound somehow with felt and seen humaneness might be one of the most startling and intriguing musical achievements that I’ve experienced for a long time. ‘Elevate Me’ is largely a plea for tolerance, as the queer artist clearly channels his frustrations through the intimate voice delivery, for a song that’s poignant, minimally poetic, and thoroughly thought-provoking.

Agon Branza continues to stun us with his musical intelligence, as he once again channels his anger in the shape of beautiful, alluring, and lush soundscapes, full of smooth synths, rich vocals, and stirring production choices, and ‘Elevate Me’ might just be his most stirring yet.


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