Album: Always You by LYIA META


Lyia Meta has kept us on our toes since her latest single release: “Always You,” where she took the jazz scene by storm with this pop-jazz fusion track. She recently released the highly anticipated album that is named after her single. It’s an eight-track album that falls perfectly under the jazz lounge music category; it’ll leave you in a dream-like state and hypnotized with her pure, clear, yet powerful vocals.

After their previous successful collaboration, the artist joined forces, once again, with the songwriter and lyricist “Denise Denim” to interpret Lyia’s take on love, life, and fun with her deep lyrics.

The sequence of the songs is brilliant; it’s like a wave that starts slow, gradually rises high, then ends on a smooth note. Starting with “Always You,” which sets the mood for a very relaxing, romantic mood, moving to “Never Enough Time,” where it starts moving a bit more till it reaches “For You.” It particularly stands out with its swinging beat and seductive feel that leaves you mesmerized and swaying along, leading you to a dramatic end for the song. Throughout it all, Lyia’s vocal abilities are unmissable; it’s so vibrant, in control, and has undoubtful operatic abilities. She glides between the low notes and the higher-pitched ones; yet stays resonant and well-projected. Followed by “Savor Me” which has a more playful vibe and a Latin flavor to it, giving the album more diversity in sound. “As We Throw Caution to The Wind” has a beautiful addition of a beautiful string sound playing in the background, accompanying, and answering back to her voice. Listening to the last song in the album: “My Dream Lover,” I couldn’t help but hear a resonance in her voice and a vocal interpretation that reminded me of “Cher.” We’re keeping an eye on what Lyia comes up with next and how many more awards she’s about to receive!




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