Album: Memories of Empathy by SAMIR BODHI


Samir Bodhi just released his latest music, where he opens a window to his soul and invites you to look within through his compositions.  This very personal and emotionally driven journey resulted in merging cultures and unifying them to create a unique sound that creates aesthetically pleasing images through music.

Inspired by his travels from the East to the West, Bodhi noticed how kindness and empathy have dwindled post-pandemic. As a result, his inspiration for this album was born; he tries to convey a message of love and kindness through it. He “hopes to restore our Memories of Empathy through music, diving deep into the nature of human empathy and encouraging listeners to remember its forgotten elements.” As described by the artist. 

The album is very rich culturally, it’s the ultimate fusion between Western music, its subtleness, and Indian music with its aesthetically unique instruments and flavorful vibes. One minute you’re enjoying a tune by the sitar, floating with a wind instrument that sounds like a bansuri. Next, you’re gliding along the piano tunes with their softness. The music is highly influenced by the sounds of nature, where you will hear the wind blowing and the waves crashing smoothly in “Compassion-Karuna.” 

The album is a total of 6 songs, each depicting a certain mood or feeling precisely interpreted in the music. Bodhi collaborated with several renowned musicians and producers to create this incredibly unique album. Three tracks were co-produced by the guitarist/bassist Sanjoy Das, while the other three were by the American multi-instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli. For the final track “World of Empathy” he joined forces with the “Godfather of Indian Jazz” Louis Banks, a renowned Indian film composer and Indosphere keyboardist. To add a more personal yet dynamic touch, Bodhi collaborated with his wife, the acclaimed Bollywood singer “Madhumita Chatterjee” who sang the vocal line in the opening track of the album “Have and Have Nots” along with Indian classical vocalist Supriyo Dutta. The overall sound is captivating, soothing, and highly emotional, it surely is not an album you want to miss! 





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