Album: Building the Bird by Amateur Ornithologist

Jenny Rohde

Picture this: a small-town boy with a dream, trying to find a place in a big world ruled by flashing lights and bustling noise. We’re talking a sweet tornado of twisty emotional rawness on this one, coming all the way from a northern town in the UK Gateshead, English artist “Amateur Ornithologist” takes us in for a treat with his second album: ‘’Building The Bird’’, on the 21st of October. Artist Daniel Clifford is a creator within the genre of indie pop and rock, who has a special taste for nostalgia, melancholy, and glimmers of joy sliding within his musical creations. 

 The album consists of 11 tracks; 4 of which are already published on his platforms and the rest are yet to be released. The Tracklist comprises these songs: Promises, Hermit Phase, A Better Person, IToldALie, Weird Walking, Sunscreen, Building the Bird, Ecclesia, Like An Amateur, Slip Away, and Willows.

 Looking at the songs, their order, and names; Listening to building the bird makes you think of the fragility of the human experience, and how we need to first feel our weaknesses to build and become the people we are destined to be. Because of the themes of both his albums, the second album looks like a sequel to his first one ‘Bird watching.’. It seems that Daniel has decided to come down from the rooftop this time and actually ‘’become’’ a bird, reaching freedom in all the possible ways; mentally and emotionally, after a long time just being fascinated by the free bird while hiding in safety.

 This artist always delivers straight indie pop tunes that are very similar, but this time, the overall sound and tone of the album are quite a mix.  With a sense to push his boundaries personally and musically, no song is like the other. Yet everything about the album speaks originality and the particular sounds, vocals, and lyrics of the artist. Daniel has been trying different styles of music. With each song, Danial serves us a different kind of feeling.

 The order of the songs is spectacular because it tells us the story of a bird building itself. with Hermit Phase, a playful song that vibrates anxiousness and has a very fast rhythm. It’s about the introvert wishing to find answers for navigation about day-to-day interactions. The second song “Better person’’, a laid-back song with a notable beautiful piano and soothing vocals in the background. The third in order ‘‘I told a lie, with the most complex musical arrangement made up of harmonic parts,  tells us about the struggle of having mental health issues as he tries to face his inner anxieties forcing him to lie about being ok instead of breaking down every time. Lastly, the fourth is “Sunscreen”, made up of a strong power chord guitar rhythm with a feeling of melancholic relaxation, as of the surely soon release of the bird. Daniel hopes that his love will wait for him to come out in the blazing sun, whilst carrying the sunscreen that will yet protect him from the strong rays of underexposure.

 If you want to go down a long road inside of yourself intimately, wait for this album! It is a real post-punk poetic masterpiece, starting from the theme, the arrangement of the music, and the different sounds that evoked the perfect emotional response to the story of coming out of the shadows and into the light. Turn on your notifications!


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