The Fall by Jon McNulty


The Chicago-based singer/songwriter Jon McNulty decided to unleash his musical skills and dropped his debut single “The Fall” on the 30th of September 2022. With some amazing arrangements and solid sound, “The Fall” is an emotional journey about McNulty’s vision of love, or as he described it 

“I wrote this based on this cinematic perspective I have on love. And, how the moment can feel exciting, overwhelming, or apprehensive all at the same time.”

So let’s see how it goes,

Jon McNulty’s sharp acoustic sound and the way he designed those soundscapes are the most interesting things about his debut single “The Fall”. “The Fall” screams of McNulty’s beautiful sense of melody, musicianship, and songwriting skills as he uses each and every element right at the perfect spot creating a fluid stream of melodies from acoustic guitars to keys, percussions, and atmospheric sounds, all in a cinematic build-up that keeps on progressing with every added line towards a bigger and brighter sound. 

I loved the bitter-sweet feelings I received from Jon McNulty’s “The Fall”, he clearly has a solid vision of his sound and what he exactly wants to produce with perfect execution, and man, he’s got the skills for it. “The Fall” is one hell of a debut single that’ll get you hooked and for me, I’m definitely going to keep an eye on Jon McNulty for future releases, keep on rocking Jon, cheers!


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