Album: ISA by Sofia Dragt

Melissa Scharroo

Sofia Dragt is a Dutch artist who believes like so many of us that music is capable of taking us on a marvelous journey that has no limits. Last year she went to Iceland to stay in one of the most beautluf country cities Ísafjördur. And there the concept album ‘ISA’  journey was created. 

7 tracks are taking you to an impressive journey, imagine you’re just looking at mountains of greenery, remarkable blue waters, and an extraordinary landscape. Of course, not all artists are capable of delivering such beautiful musical paintings like Sofia. This is what really makes her music unique, I loved how the music was so smooth indeed. In my opinion, this type of album is suitable to be listened to everywhere at any time. Unlike other music styles, that fits only for a specific venue or an occasion. It’s the kind of music that you need for your daily dose to deliver such a piece of mind and soul. I believe that sometimes words are incapable of describing the beauty of music. Still, I would like to point at her beautiful voice. Seriously, I felt that Sofia is singing among the clouds in the sky. A true powerful and emotive vocal style. Try it out! Close your eyes, and listen to the music, and feel the charm! The instrumentation over along with the mix, are perfectly made. You should know that Sofia recorded everything with her portable gear but the interesting part here is the background atmosphere in all the tracks that has been taken by her field recorder to give more richness to her music. In fact, I am a fan of electronic pop but I cannot deny that Sofia’s music has been added to my library as one of the most unique pop artists in 2022 so far. Well, it’s about time to feel the beauty below. Enjoy! 


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