‘xo’ comes in just on time for summer. This song gives away all the right vibes to be played on repeat during the hot season and has the potential to be a hit.

The track is the lead single to CASSIEL’s upcoming EP. A Rap tune inspired in the latest romantic relationship that the Melbourne-based solo artist had.

“xo is a song dedicated to my now ex-girlfriend I made while we were dating. It’s about how special I think she is and how my past relationships have left me quite hurt.” –CASSIEL.

A very nice touch on the whole composition of the song is the touch of acoustic guitar. It not only adds an exciting element to the overall sound, but also elevates the romantic spirit of the song.

Other previous work is also noticeable, original, catchy and fresh. Songs like ‘Wish You All the Best’ currently +8.8K streams on Spotify.

Good things come in humble packages. Knowing that ‘xo’ was recorded, mixed and mastered right at CASSIEL’s house, one can only imagine what he would be able to do at a big record studio.

Now we have gotten to know this talented young one, we get to sit and watch what else he’ll be creating, with the safe guarantee that he knows what he is doing.


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