Album: La Notti Triunfanti by Michela Musolino


Sicilian-American singer Michela Musolino released an album dancing with fairies and all things magical called ‘ La Notti Triunfante’’, on the 12th of December as we get closer to the Christmas holidays. All the way from Memphis, US, Michela has landed recognition internationally, mostly for her ability to reinvent Sicilian folk music with renowned American musical genres, thus bringing the old to the new. 

This album represents the oral transmissions of these Christmas stories from a time when many people couldn’t read the Bible, yet through music, these traditions could be passed down.

La Notti triunfante is a true auditory Italian expression of the jolly and festivity of Christmas. With the country-infused choir feeling of the songs, there is a different kind of tone to the Italian way of Christmas. It’s warmer, sweeter, and makes you want to get up on your feet. The overall sound of the album is ancient chirpy enchants infused with a traditional acoustic Italian sound. It’s happy, feastful, and really light on the heart. 

The album feels like the music in old Italian films. Intense and celebratory, there is no better way to get ready for the holiday season than kicking it with some Christmas jingles and music that can really set the mood with this album in particular. Some notable sounds that create the specialty Christmas and frothy mood are the Triangle, wind chimes, and jingle bells that really set the magical and festive tone of the album making it so cheerful. The soundscape seems to be instrumental in an empty canvas, leaving room for the beautiful vocals to the miraculous story of the night of Christ’s birth. The musical arrangements are complex and bring in many elements. There is a lot of light and chirpy piano and acoustic guitar leading the beats mostly medium pace. There is also a fast violin that really makes a special tone to the music, along with drums and cymbals, Spanish guitar, and some flute. The vocals are dramatically passionate. You can’t miss this religious experience. 



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