Hard Vision by La Biche


With the countless new tracks released daily, it’s not always easy to spot the odd ones out, but with La Biche; her talent, originality, and professionalism are unmissable.

After the success of her previous single: “Mister” which reached over 17K views on YouTube only, La Biche returns with her 2nd single this year, “Hard Vision” to take us on her personal, exciting, yet mysterious journey. The producer and songwriter’s talents are extensive, where she started as a dancer, choreographer, and model before following her heart and going back to music, her main passion, like her father. The multi-talented artist’s musical style is influenced by: Cymande, and Serge Gainsbourg, with hints of Billie Eilish.

Written and produced by the artist herself, “Hard Vision” is about her journey to defeat her hardships and question her choices while defying and provoking with her lyrics. The instruments buildup beautifully to create a wholesome sound; starting with a distorted-like guitar sound effect, playing a significant motif, followed by the keyboards, paving the way for the vocals to smoothly slide in; giving the song a different aesthetic. La Biche Vocals are the best combination between subtleness, mystery, and seduction. The song is well-curated with a solid structure; it’s not just random sound effects and loops; it’s melodically rich with deep conceptuality and meaning. The track was mixed and mastered by Pierre Luzy (known for his work with Ibrahim Maalouf and Vanesa Paradis) and arranged by Julien Chirol (known for his work with Jane Birkin, M, and Julien Doré). A track, undoubtedly, not to be missed!



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