Album Review: Crossing the Bridge by Living Pictures


Electronic music duo Living Pictures released their first soundtrack album “Crossing the Bridge” on the 24th of March from Portland, United States.

Living Pictures is a music project consisting of the musical production duo of Reif Larsen and Andrew Perreault. Reif Larsen is the composer of the tracks for “Crossing the Bridge” while Andrew Perreault helped with the development of the compositional ideas by adding his own layers of interpretation.

“Crossing the Bridge” is a new atmospheric nine-track album by Living Pictures, and it features tons of complex sound design and layered melodic and harmonic ideas. The general vibe from the start of the album is dreamy and tense, with reverberating synths, heavy electronic drums, and droning bass lines. 

Casual listeners may get something out of “Crossing the Bridge”, be it the moody and contemplative atmosphere, or the swaying energy, but I would argue that it must be hard to listen to “Crossing the Bridge” casually. The music throughout the album really calls for quiet contemplation and introspection, and more active listeners will definitely enjoy the deep level of layered detail that is put into this work.

The album takes a journey through different emotions; some tense, some dense, and some feel like you’re floating above the ground. The composition really reflects the introspective nature of Living Pictures, and their compositional mastery has provided music with an incredible emotional range through an evolving but consistent overall sound.

Some of the albums is absolutely cinematic and vividly visual due to th nature of the sound, quite fitting for Living Pictures, the project’s name. Even more so, the melodic ideas themselves are so expressive, that it was even difficult to notice that the entire album was instrumental. The music itself spoke to me with its inherent emotion in a way that was not only lyrical but much more profound than lyrics.


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