Richard Feynman by Man at Sea


After a long break from releasing new music Man at Sea has returned with a heart-warming single titled “Richard Feynman” that was released on March 24th.

Man at Sea is the brainchild of English singer/songwriter, composer, and music director David Hewson, who began honing his songwriting skills at the age of 16. Following his move to London for acting school Hewson formed his first band “The Kid Jones”. The band won the Jar Music Breakout Competition in 2010, earning a chance to play at the Breakout Festival in the Maldives. In 2017 he began his solo career under the moniker Man at Sea and started performing locally leading to the release of his debut EP “Minotaur” in 2019.

“Richard Feynman” explores the inner struggles many artists face such as self-doubt, self-criticism, and creative struggles while searching for meaning and purpose in life. The song begins with an acoustic guitar setting the mood and atmosphere for David to sing with his warm and flawless voice. Followed by another verse before the chorus, a strings section comes in to fill the ambiance adding more emotional depth to the song. As the song reaches the first chorus a melodious piano comes in warming up the listener for a smooth full band entrance. Featuring laid-back drums, grounding bass, arpeggiating guitar, and Rhodes that create a wholesome and full soundscape.

“Richard Feynman” is a well-crafted and well-produced song that portrays the struggles many artists face with David’s voice embracing the listener over melodic and rich music, creating a euphoric experience.



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