ALL EYEZ by Proklaim


Proklaim, the Namibian-born, raised, and based artist just released another single titled “All Eyes”…and it’s not the first time the Namibian king mesmerized us with his songs.

It looks like Proklaim is true to his words…his goal is to keep pushing the boundaries for hip-hop, creating new and engaging songs with a valuable message in the lyrics…

…and when checking out his music, you can easily and instantly ‘find the answers’, as he says in his latest single “All Eyes”…

Proklaim’s songs are very musical, the music is extremely catchy and has the kind of looping structure that you can’t get enough of, on top of that, the production quality of his work is top-notch. “All Eyes” was recorded in Namibia and Mixed by Lu Diaz in Florida…

That collaboration really hit the sonic bullseye…the music is absolutely amazing, the sound quality is perfect and Proklaim’s vocal delivery and flow are definitely iconic…

…and the cherry on top is that almost all of his songs must have a message to it share with the world, something that can make the world a better place… this time, in Proklaim’s words, he says “Follow intuition, the stirring in your chest..often it is true to your purpose”.

I love one of the opening lyrics he says also…he says “Life is about progress”…

You gotta keep progressing, you gotta keep striving, you gotta keep going forward…there’s no other way to go other than forward.

When you look at Proklaim’s music, it always has some of the most unique and catchy music, beats, and vocal flow…really, Proklaim, leave some for the rest…

“All Eyes” was released 9 days ago…and I think it is a hit in the making, we just don’t know it yet.

Proklaim, every time I listen to your songs, it captures me, you’re doing something different and something excellent…keep’em coming.

We wish you all the best in all of your musical endeavors and in your personal life too…you really deserve it.

Can’t wait to see what you always come up with next…we’ll be on the lookout.


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