Moschino by Harun Rune


British-born, London-based artist Harun Rune released his new single “Moschino”, a dark rap/hip-hop hybrid concise 2 minutes track…let’s see how it came out!

Harun is a multi-talented artist that works in many areas of the art world, focusing on music, design, fashion…among many more.

He released “Moschino” on the 8th of May…it has been just over a month and it has garnered more than 200K listens on Spotify already…

You can however find a video for this song on youtube that was uploaded more than a year ago…the music video is a very artistic one, shot in black and white, and showcases the visual art side of what Harun shares with the world…his works definitely has some mojo to it…and that mojo is something that Harun brings to the table.

“Moschino” is a dark rap/hip-hop song, with a hint of a cinematic approach and an earth shattering-speaker exploding bass line that pumps the energy…even though the pace of the song is fast, the bass and drums section has a lot of energy to share around.

Harun delivers his vocal performance with his iconic British accent and distinctive flow…the song doesn’t exceed the 2 minutes mark, it’s actually 1 second less than 2 minutes…so what we’re getting is a very focused labor of love kind of song that gives you exactly what you need…your fix of dark rap.

Harun, we wish you all the best in the world, keep’em coming.



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