Apple of My Eye by DJ Zenas


People sometimes ruin relationships with their own expectations. They force things to be perfect, neglecting the fact that the perfection of a relationship lies in embracing its imperfections. In his latest single, “Apple of My Eye,” DJ Zenas embodies this mature, perfectly imperfect love.

“Apple of My Eye” is the Fort Worth-based artist DJ Zenas’ fresh drop. He dares the boundaries of genres and the fantasies of Disney’s nonexistent ideal love in his smooth, upbeat take. It features a mix of Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop that together present one organic sound that suits the charismatic vocal performance.

Right from the start, the song carries both chill and elated vibes. All the elements move at a mellow, steady pace to set a poetic mood. DJ Zenas has a sensational, saccharine tone, which makes the track subtle for the nearly coming Valentine. His vocal line changes and colors to suit the style of each genre.

The song’s ingredients work together to offer an easy-going execution. While the melodies are anthemic and highlight the endearing, flirty lyricism, the beat is simple yet effective enough to give the song a spark. The entire musical composition is rhythmic and atmospheric in the right minimalist manner.

If you got someone who you want them to know that: “No one and no love is perfect. When all is said and done, throughout all of the ups, downs, and everything in between, I still choose you.” As DJ Zenas put it, then all you’ve got to do is send them this song and let it work its magic.



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