***CH by Bri Fletcher

Photo taken by Libby Danforth & Graphic Design by Julianna Procyshen

Coming in a little too strong, starting 2023 with a loud (and slightly offensive) bang, Bri Fletcher’s new single is delightfully catchy and pretty, and mercifully far less profane than what first appears.

Hailing from Nashville, Bri Fletcher is loyal to her musical homage. A singer/songwriter whose brand of dance-country music is groovy, sweet, and catchy. Beautifully sung and flawlessly produced, her latest single, code-named ***CH, follows her first EP release ‘Chapter One’ which dropped in October of 2022, and is an indication as to why Bri has been gaining steady traction over the past year, with her songs featured in a lot of Spotify playlists, with over 150k monthly listens on the platform, and among a flurry of critical praise, in which a publication placed her in an “elite category of vocalists”, and we couldn’t agree more. 

Putting the peppy songwriting and the concise production aside for a moment, we can clearly see that Fletcher’s voice and powerful delivery are the stars of the show. A truly capable singer with immense control, and a texture that’s smooth as silk, and it’s all quite elegantly utilized in ***CH. With a heartfelt and tragic story of betrayal, the upbeat music offers some refreshing contrast that helps to bandage the sharp pang of being cheated on. A multitude of funky guitar riffs, along with a groovy beat that’s extremely easy to dance to, make a song that is immensely fun and catchy, and a wonderful voice and a soulful delivery are two delicious cherries on top. 

Bri’s upward spiral is still on a steady rise with her release of this fun and catchy tune, that’s sweetly written, and gorgeously sung.


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