Attraction feat. Ramy Sabry (Arabic Mix) by ETOLUBOV


Ukrainian musican ETOLUBOV (Lubov Fomenko) teams up with Egyptian superstar Ramy Sabry for a captivating remix of her hit single, “Attraction.” This Arabic Mix ignites a whole new dimension to the song, showcasing a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western influences.

Attraction (Arabic Mix)” is a surefire attracting magnet for listeners worldwide. The song’s captivating melodies, woven in from the very beginning, hold you spellbound all the way through. ETOLUBOV‘s signature neo-pop sound, characterized by its blend of modern pop and electronica with Eastern touches, takes center stage. The addition of Arabic melodies and Egyptian iconic singer Ramy Sabry’s remarkable vocals adds a layer of depth and authenticity, creating a truly unique and culturally-bridging listening experience.

ETOLUBOV‘s voice is divine. Ethereal and charming, it effortlessly floats over the pulsating beat. ETOLUBOV‘s vocals perfectly embody the song’s message of “soul feel attraction,” and that feeling extends far beyond her reaching to anyone who listens to this musical gem. Sabry’s vocals are rich and sensational, providing a perfect counterpoint. Together, they create a captivating harmony that soars throughout the song.

The “Arabic Mix” retains the danceable energy of the original “Attraction,” but with a touch of added sensuality. The Eastern melodies weave seamlessly into the electronic soundscape, creating a sound that’s both familiar and exotic.

This is not a remix; it’s a cultural exchange set to music. The combination of ETOLUBOV‘s Eastern-tinged pop and Sabry’s Arabic vocals creates an experience that transcends borders and languages.

“Attraction (Arabic Mix)” is a triumph of collaboration. ETOLUBOV and Ramy Sabry have crafted a song that’s both catchy and culturally rich. With its soaring vocals, infectious beats, and undeniable charm, this song is a must-listen for fans of global pop music.