One by NeonColoredPixels


NEONCOLOREDPIXELS’ “One” is a captivating track that seamlessly blends Dream Pop, electro-pop, and synth-pop influences, creating a soundscape that’s both vibrant and edgy. pulsating with true neon-colored pixels vibes.

Charis Felice Odor, the mastermind behind NeonColoredPixels, who dropped the electro gem with “One” has been releasing music since 2023 and making electronic music on her computer since the 1990s. She is talented as a vocalist with such a dulcet voice and as a musician who blends energy with dreaminess seamlessly.

“One” is an affectionate smooth song with neon lights setting. Driving rhythms with a touch of edge set the stage for Charis’ vocals, which are nothing short of sensational. Silky, smooth and luring, they effortlessly soar above the music, weaving a narrative of love. Charis’ vocals are surely the heart and soul of the song.

Neoncoloredpixels masterfully blend Dream Pop’s ethereal qualities with the dynamic energy of electro-pop and Synth Pop, resulting in a polished production.

Ready to be swept away by a wave of dreamy sounds and heartfelt emotion? Hit play and enjoy “One” by Neoncoloredpixels.