Azul by Azul Kechi


Azul Kechi is here with a debut single… Azul. Azul has a whole story to tell, and a whole persona to convey, and we’re in the front row to listen and to watch, and if the rest of the music is as sharp as this debut, then I’ll personally be in the front row for a long, long time.

Based in London, Azul Kechi states that she was born on Earth. Fair enough. She then goes on to say that she’s always felt like an outsider, an extraterrestrial to be precise. A spiritual being that longs to return to her original part of the universe. A cool narrative, and a neat persona that sees us in remembrance of the late genius of Bowie. I was chuffed to discover that the music tied to this image is incredibly Earth-based and good. With production done by the infamous Mr. Eraserhood, the sound is tight and controlled, yet expansive, airy, open, and welcoming. Pure joy. The highlight, other than the ultra-sharp production, is of course Azul Kechi’s singing. The 21-year-old British Nigerian is a masterful performer, to put it mildly. With a super enjoyable flow, unique to her and to her bizarre poetry, she sings her part with intention. Heartfelt and nuanced, her delivery is full of inflictions and imperfections that make it sound incredibly (Sorry) human. The music is Soul at its most modern and fresh guise, with a syncopated, intricate drum part that sounds warm and roomy, a tight, grooving bass, and a plethora of airy synths that dominate the soundscape as the compositions writhe and modulate in an upwards spiral.

Azul Kechi is, in fact, the only alien I am currently waiting for an album from. There’s a convincing element about this song that’s telling me that Azul Kechi is here to stay and that her planned album will be as stunning as this teaser single. Consider me teased, and waiting.


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