Garden Tourist by Craigology


Magical, aromatic, and splendidly tasteful, musician and artist James Moore who is known as ‘Craigology’, bless our auditory senses completely with a compilation of rich works of art in his new electronic  EP release, ‘Garden Tourist’, on the 23rd of September all the way from Florida, US. Six tracks that take you into an enchanted land with nothing but beautiful scenery and scents, in Moore’s botanical-infused musical journey. Moore expresses his unique vision of music by blending strikingly different but also perfectly harmonious musical genres, combining electronica, smooth jazz, and tropical vibes, guiding the listener to a peaceful place without any rumination. Moore also believes in a holistic approach to the use of music, seeing it as a way to connect to people. The artist has been in the music industry as a writer, producer, and music player for 25 years, and particularly works with genres like jazz, reggae, and calypso. 

Garden Tourist is a sweet and fruity emotional experience that has no limits. You can envision yourself and use your full 5 senses as you walk through the way in the garden that is laid with so many different plans and flowers, imitating the jumble of genres in the EP. The EP is a way for Craigologist to further ground himself with his immersive instrumental crossover musical approach, and it’s truly distinct. The blend of the genres and transitions between them intensifies the listening experience from astonishing to something unforgettable. The overall sound of the EP is a sophisticated escape dream to a peaceful and happy place. The theme is based on a natural aesthetic that sets the tone and mood of the album as a soothing ride. Most of the tracks use magical and surreal soundscapes some of which may be spacey and others dreamy. The songs are mostly medium rhythm paced with occasional fast rhythms. The musical arrangement is a highly complex one with instruments and sound effects that are impossible to count, hence the intricate nature of the EP. Elements of Jazz are present in each track, with mysterious and sometimes playful pianos and jazzy electric guitar sound effects for most of the melodies, percussion sound effects like jazz drums and cymbals sets, soft violins, some wind instruments like the flutes, and bass sound effects for a darker taste. Some notable sounds are soft female whispers that seem to be sourced from garden nymphs, and a busy soundscape of people’s voices like in a market. The transitions are amazing between jazz and reggae, which use more jungle and tropical-inspired percussion playing that makes a dancy vibe and a faster rhythm to some of the songs.

The order of the songs seems to be inspired by scrutinizing details and moving on slowly to a bigger picture. The Ep starts with ‘Evening Whispers’’, which is something felt and not seen. Then ‘Yellow croton’’, a short green leafy plant with many colors. Then comes ‘Blue river’, maybe where you see the crotons nestled on its banks. Next, ‘’Fantasies from an orchid’’, a beautiful flower plant abundant with flowers, each resembling a fantasy as you float in the garden with your imagination. It ends with ‘On anchor in English Harbor’, which may be where the garden dream ends and you emerge to busy reality and people again. Everything about this EP is so tender and comforting. It’s picturesque, tasty, and a wonderful blend of jazz and reggae. You’d be surprised how addicted you will get to it.