B.E.C by Breon S.Y.N.DE.L


Breon S.Y.N.D.L.E is here with his latest release, ‘B.E.C’ (Baconeggandcheese). The deliciously mysterious single comes with a secret recipe of melodies that will trap all tasteful ears.

The composition cannot be labelled. It majestically reflects a mix of cultures, influences, tastes and beats that perfectly reflects and transports us to what it must feel like to live in the city that never sleeps —a diverse, multiethnic cosmopolitan megalopolis.

The lyrics are an ode to all-natural, pure breed New Yorkers and wannabes who want to get in with the trend.

“I just love my city, and I feel like people are trying to jump on the New York wave but don’t know how to.” —S.Y.N.D.E.L.

He knows the city full well. Born and raised in NY, the streets watched him grow and become a professional artist. These same streets have influenced Breon’s artistic touch and inspired his poetry since childhood.

He strongly believes that not everyone can call themselves a real New Yorker.

Breon’s vocals are borderline brassy yet with a steady, youthful tone. They’re all about what the future of Rap and Hip Hop is.

He currently has +15K listeners subscribed to his profile on Spotify and plenty of previous work uploaded to keep you there long enough to stream until your internet drains out. Head there right now and let his work speak for itself.


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