Be The One by Saneit

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Singer-songwriter Saneit released a new sensational R&B single titled “Be The One” on the 24th of March from Chicago, United States.

Saneit is an emerging R&B singer and songwriter with a diverse sound and a singular vision. Her releases include two albums, “Fantasy” released in 2020, and “CRUSH II” released a year later in 2021, among a solid number of EPs and singles going as far back as 2019 with her debut “It’s My Birthday: Legend”.

Saneit‘s latest release is “Be The One”, and as her sound starts to develop and her body of work continues to group, her latest release “Be The One” may be one of her best works to date.

The song features Saneit’s incredible voice and diverse harmonies, backing lines, and ad-libs with the vocal production by the veteran professional and Grammy-nominated David Je’. The music for “Be The One” that was produced by SpunkBigga gave Saneit room to really flourish and embellish her vocal performance with a lot of subtle detail and nuance.

Saneit is an emerging personality in the Chicago music scene and will take the United States by storm and garner attention as she continues to develop her unique and attractive sound.



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