Benevolent Prince by Ripsime


Indie pop artist Ripsime released a new atmospheric alternative electronic single titled “Benevolent Prince” on the 27th of March from London, United Kingdom.

Ripsime is an independent artist and singer-songwriter based in London, with her family residing in the war-torn state of Artsakh. Ripsime has spent time with her family and recorded her latest hard-hitting and diverse single “Benevolent Prince.”  

Ripsime previously released her debut single titled “Tell Me the Lie” in 2021, making “Benevolent Prince” her first release this year in 2023.

“Benevolent Prince” was released as a single from Ripsime’s upcoming EP titled “Capsule I” produced and written with Luke Turner, mixed by Tom Donovan, and mastered by Jonas Karlsson.

“Benevolent Prince” is atmospheric and captivating. The synths are uniquely inspired and sound big, while the drums feel weighted with an enormous tense impact. The diversity in elements is truly impressive for how well they all fit together in providing a coherent narrative from start to finish.