Benefit Of The Doubt by Zoe Guigueno

Aidan Grant

Artist Zoe Guigueno released a beautiful, soaring Jazz and folk-pop song that is much needed to slow down in our fast past world, called ‘Benefit of the doubt’, truly opening the wound and grazing gracefully some salt on it, against an amazing, magical soundscape. All the way from Vancouver Island, Canada, this song was released on the 23rd of September, and is the second single from her new album ‘ We were radar stations. It’s a collaboration with producer Juno who is a childhood friend.

The song is a heartfelt collection of life experiences that are painful and shocking, which give off an undertone of darkness because of the storytelling in the lyrics. It’s like a sonic journal reading from a book. The overall sound of the song is ethereal and soothing, with a very mellow and soft jazzy soundscape. The musical arrangement is rich, with a slow pace that is led by light cymbals that are very prominent. The piano behaves as if a finger touches the beat, and the drums are intense yet soft. There are also very explosive electric guitar riffs. For some reason, the composition of the music gives off a sound that is very similar to Pink Floyd. There is an anticipation of a rock music sound that is very high in frequency which makes the song extra enjoyable. The vocals are steady, soft, and raw. You must add this song to your playlist for something very different and tasteful.


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