Beware Wolves “The Five Phases of the Moon” A Journey to Enlightenment

Artwork by Beware Wolves

Beware Wolves; a mysterious artist with an ingenious streak, raw vocals, and remarkable songwriting skills. 

For the first time in the music industry’s history (at least the modern one), Beware Wolves released nine volumes of 81 tracks in total, in less than 30 days. 

The singer/songwriter started releasing his anthology on August 3rd, with a new volume following it every three days. Each of the first 5 volumes has a total of 9 tracks that vary in duration, except for the 5th that has a total of 11 tracks. The acoustic-driven themed music lures its listeners to a journey of questioning and exploration. 

“An album full of strong songs, on their own, but together, in that order, it has an unstable momentum that puts pressure on the remaining volumes to correct the trajectory.” Moataz Gwaily from Sistra on Volume 5

The artist reflects best on his music through the albums’ artworks that show the different phases of the moon; starting with total darkness in volume one till it reaches a full moon in the 5th volume. He chooses conceptual and visual interpretation through the signs on the artwork that build up to reach its final form of completion.  

“This music travels without borders with the wind and brings with it infinite melodies that are lost in the universal energy that connects all human beings. Beware Wolves does not compose, he lets himself be carried away by instinct, by the primordial voice that screams within his soul.” Edgar Allan Poets – Beware Wolves Volume 3

Brace yourselves for, authenticity like no other, exclusively on Spotify and Bandcamp.