Beware Wolves “An Anthology continued…”

Artwork by Beware Wolves

Beware Wolves, the mysterious artist with an ingenious streak, raw vocals, and remarkable songwriting skills. As a continuation of his previous five volumes, the artist continues his winning streak of conceptual lyrics and impeccable music by releasing 4 more volumes with 9 tracks each. 

The same conceptual approach and visual interpretation of the artwork’s symbols continue, reaching the final complex symbol that will leave you lost in ruminations. 

“The way a songwriter’s mind functions, there are a lot of ideas that rummage through one’s mind the deeper they get into their musical philosophy; the kind of person they are to the world, what they’re feeling at that very moment, and so on, more often than not, directly influence what they end up writing at that moment in time.” – Beware Wolves Vol 6 album review by Mohit Bagur on Sinusoidal Music

“The kind of collection Vol 6: Beware Wolves is, is the kind that’s akin to how a creative mind truly looks when they write music– before the industry, questions of societal acceptance or lack thereof, chart performances, none of that mumbo jumbo. Over the course of my listens and re-listens of this album, I connected with why I became a musician in the first place– to feel my craft– to derive my dopamine from translating my thoughts into a medium.”Beware Wolves Vol 6 album review by Mohit Bagur on Sinusoidal Music

Beware Wolves’ formula is truly simple and approachable. Bold and admirable. He writes songs, based mostly on an acoustic guitar, then he writes words to go along with the music, then he runs the recorder and captures those ideas, right then and there, in one take most of the time, with inconsistencies and imperfections as essential parts of those performances.Moataz Gwaily from Sistra on Volume 5

Brace yourselves for, authenticity like no other, exclusively on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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