Blast Off (Radio Edit) by Dorian

Leslie Planas, Dorian Lake-Planas

Astonishing artist Dorian never fails to amaze us with his diversity as he releases a radio edit of his single “Blast Off” on the 21st of November, teasing the world just a day before releasing his latest EP “33”. The radio edit is considered a lighter and shorter version of the song as an instrumental intro, guitar line, and the melodic piano line was removed.

 Dorian is a renowned R&B/Soul singer/songwriter based in Baltimore, United States with more than 500k streams globally and racking up more than 10k monthly listeners on Spotify. Tirelessly, Dorian revealed his love for his art in the year 2022 by releasing his critically acclaimed album “The Arrival: Dream World pt.2” in May and his latest EP “33” in November

“Blast Off” takes on a chill atmosphere with ambient synth and atmospheric backing vocals, yet it’s powered by a drill beat and deep 808s that fuels its energetic vibe. With Dorian’s soulful and powerful voice, the song is charged and hyped with an empowerment theme that is supported by poetic lyrics. The chorus is a repetition of the words “We’ll Blast Off,” but Dorian’s delivery coupled with the backing vocals makes the words so compelling that they urge the listener to take action. The relaxed yet vibrant mood of the song makes it a highly recommended jam for your night drive playlist.

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