Come Find Me by Gus Walker


With the help of his friend and producer Boudewijn Pleij, up-and-coming artist Gus Walker released his debut single “Come Find Me” on the 28th of November as a teaser for his debut album “Pink Skies” which is set to be released in early 2023. In a time span of one month the song accumulated more than 10k plays and gathered more than 2k monthly listeners on Spotify.

Hailing from the Netherlands comes Gus Walker, an independent singer, songwriter, musician, and producer with “an open-minded message of affection and unity”. Through honest lyrics and a unique blend of reggae and hip-hop, Gus aspires his listeners to examine life with an open mind to create harmony. He has been working on his music for 2 years, and while early 2022 he started performing on stage with his live band making a name for himself while celebrating life with his audience.

The song can be considered as a peace and love anthem that “calls for people to unite and to not be afraid to open up to one another” said Gus. The song is built upon guitar strokes that deliver the reggae vibe, backed by a hip-hop drum and bass groove creating a unique mix that draws attention while catching the listener’s ear with a dynamic and beautiful melodic brass section. Gus’s flawless voice and Jamaican accent make the words impactful as he paints them over the music. As a first introduction to Gus’s music the song hooked me up for life with its cheerful and warm atmosphere. I can’t wait for the album’s release, and I strongly suggest that you check out “Come Find Me” now.



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