Bloodshot by Sunny Court


“Bloodshot” is the genre-bending result of collaboration between artists Apollo Rising and Sunny Court…both of them put their all into this production and also both of them put their mojo print on the song in their own unique ways…

The song also releases along with a music video with high production values and multiple sets…that is not an easy feat to pull off…

“Bloodshot” also visualizes the duality of human and art…among many things it tackles along its lyrical journey…the music video translates the musicality of the song in a very important way, the change of mood and energy between the trap production parts and the more hyperpop energetic ones…

The song tackles strong conversations about addiction, unhealthy relationships, mental health struggles, anger, self-actualization, and escaping a dark past.


The song has very huge and crushing trap production in place, exploding 808s, trilling hi hats and groovy beats…with the hyperpop section having a more tongue-in-cheek approach but also in a very musical way, even some punk guitar riffing attitude and past punk drum beats…

“Bloodshot” was birthed as session files being sent back and forth between Apollo and Sunny…until they completed it and decided on giving it its name.

We can’t wait to see what this collaboration has in store for us in the future…in the meantime, we’re wishing both of these artists all the best in life with their personal and professional lives.



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