Challenge by Pahjo


Guyanese-born artist Pahjo is making waves with his bombastic Soca song“Challenge”…a blast of upbeat and positive energy hitting you like never before…it lifts your spirits up, something that is rare in these times we live in…and we’re enjoying it so much, we can’t get enough of that energy…and its contagious too.

“Challenge” is the essence of summer, fun, partying, dancing and being out there enjoying the world…Pahjo makes sure to gather all people together to enjoy the moment and to get the most out of this moment through his music and vocals.

“Challenge” releases along with a dance music video that was shot in Columbia…and with a huge team behind it making it come to life…

This team consists of…

Backing Vocals: Keoné, Oh Xone

Songwriter: Atiba “Oh Xone” Chance

Produced and Mixed by: Badjohn Republic

Mastered by: Precision Productions

Recording Studio: Smash Productions

Visuals by: Yulian Renteria – IG @renteriadirector

Label: BPSOCA Music

All of these put their hands together to literally make the world dance…and they surely succeeded…the music, vocal performance and choreography all hit the bullseye for Calypso dance music…and music that will make you dance. Period.

The percussive elements move everything forward…Pahjo’s vocal performance is such a happy and energetic performance…full of life and music.

The musical elements like the brass or the guitar strengthens the musical foundation and adds flavor to the energy.

Pahjo, your positive energy is contagious and we love it…we wish you all the best in the world, you and the team you’re working together with…you gals and guys are awesome…we need your energy in the world.


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