bludnymph Shares Sexy and Empowering Single “Watch Me”


bludnymph‘s musical spirit takes shape in the form of a mythological goddess. A young maiden that inhabits rivers and woods, feeding off the love of her mortal followers, she pulls them into a sense of security with her bludsongs. Previously released standout track, “Lights Out,” is the first of many collaborations with powerhouse producer, Cirkut, exemplifying varying degrees of spooky, magic, and sexy – themes prevalent in her music.

New single, “Watch Me,” was written with close collaborator FAANGS and embodies bludnymph‘s feeling of being an evil siren by telling the tale of a sexy siren stripper who uses her powers to rob her clientele blind. The song inspires confidence that makes you feel like you can have anything you want with just one look.

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