Party Anthem by Tsunamiz


Groovy beats, spicy rock, and hard-hitting lyricism are blended together to result in one juicy “Party Anthem.” This mix was seamlessly made by the genuine Portuguese talent Tsunamiz. Let’s dive into the dope, energy-boosting mixture.

Tsunamiz is the musical project of the witty musician Bruno Sobral. No matter what genre you’re into most, his music will appeal to you because you’ll find a dash of it in his infectious fusion. He knows how to make music that bursts with electronic power yet has a profound rock flair and wraps this harmonic texture with organic pop.

“Party Anthem” is the kind of song you hear when you need a physical and mental push. The song urges you to throw yourself a party while at the same time empowering you to claim your rights, don’t let others define you, and break free to where you’ll taste liberation and be the real you.

From intro to outro, all ingredients flow together in colorful waves, building an atmospheric aura that lures one in. The instrumentation carries the spirit of the lyricism, which is both carefree and rebellious. There’s no instrument overlapping the other; all are well-placed and working together perfectly, offering a proficient sonic euphoria of how Pop, EDM, and Rock could unite for one authentic sound. But I’ve got to admit that although the beats are vibrant and catchy and the synth and percussion are making a good-spirited duo, I’m a little biased towards the psychedelic hint and the solid, fiery guitar riffs and their capacity to take the track to another dimension.


The vocals indeed match the musicality and the lyrics’ energy, sounding both energizing and anthemic. Somehow, the raw vocal line will align with your current sentiments; if you want to dance, then the party will instantly start, but if you are irate by how people are trying to limit you, then it’s your invitation to sing along and get it all out.


The last ingredient, the salty olive to this lusty drink, is the minimalistic yet effective music video, which is directed by Realish’ Films, embodying the essence of the song and featuring Tsunamiz himself and a cool cat vibing. Also, this tasty sample is the second single to be released from Tsunamiz’s upcoming album, “Kultur Is Dead”, which will be dropped on September 23.

This single needs to be on your playlist because, every once in a while, you need a reminder that:

“No one can buy you.

Because you are free.

No one can show you.

The moves to your beat.”


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