Blue Jeans by Cancion Franklin


Cancion Franklin’s latest single, “Blue Jeans”, captures the essence of what Americana songs should sound like. Between the soothing nature of the genre and the strength of his performance, there is a margin of originality and quality that I haven’t seen other artists do before. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that Cancion has tremendous emotional input into his vocals and while the song isn’t so challenging when it comes to high notes or techniques, his emotional delivery makes it a unique masterpiece. The arrangement that aids with these heavenly vocals is a nice chord progression with some diverse strumming and soft percussion that sounds like a Cajon drum.

The guitar in the chorus has that tremolo sound with a delay effect, which is a staple of Americana and was very pleasant to hear. Another surprise for me was that he managed to fit a brief guitar solo after the second chorus which added to the emotional punch. After that, he sings a bridge and one last chorus with even more grit and emotion, and believe me when I tell you this song made me live in the whole Americana state. For it wasn’t just a group of elements or genre tropes, it was the whole mood and dedication to the genre as well as the unique voice timbre of the great Mr. Cancion. This song is highly recommended for Americana fans and for those of you who would like something soft and simple to soothe them.